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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s in your magic show?

The show is a combination of stunning magic and clean comedy. Your kids will keep laughing at the funny bits, and be amazed at the magic taking place. During the show, audience members will be invited to come up on stage to help out. Your child will be the star of the show as they are invited up to perform a special trick together with me. This will make your child feel like a superstar in front of their family and friends!

What is the recommended age for your show?

The target age range for my shows is kids aged 4-12. Kids under 4 years of age won't understand most of what is happening, and will probably start to wander around because they don't have the attention span to sit and watch. Regarding older kids, I swap out tricks and effects to make it more enjoyable for the older crowd.

Do you perform outdoors?

Occasionally, on a very nice day, I can perform outdoors. However, indoors is the best choice for a magic show. Outdoor elements such as wind, extreme heat, and other outdoor ambiance can be distracting to your guests, and will prevent them from enjoying the show to their full potential.

Do I need to provide anything for you to set up the show?

My show is completely self-contained. I will bring everything I need in order to make a memorable experience for you and your guests.. I can set the show up in 20-30 minutes (better to go on the higher end). This includes setting up the backdrop, placing the sound system, and getting the show ready. I will arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of the party to set up.

Can I take pictures or record video during the show?

Take as many pictures as you like!  However, I do not allow video recording.

How many children can I invite?

There is no limit! The more kids, the better. My professional sound system means everyone can hear!

When do I serve the party food?

After the magic show is the best time to serve the food.  Having the food before the show will mean kids getting up to get their cups and plates, and this is distracting to everyone.  Having a set time and place to eat will mean a more organized party.If you are booking the 2-hour Magic, Music & Mayhem show, a 15-20 minute break to eat will be ideal. This is when “Happy Birthday” is sung to the birthday child.  After the food, we will start the dancing portion of the show.

Can I have a show for more than one birthday child?

Yes!  However, there is an additional fee for this.  The reason for this is because each birthday child gets a special gift and giveaway during the show. Having more than one birthday child means double or triple the prizes.  The additional fee is to cover this added expense.

My child is very shy. Will this be a problem?

It’s very important to me that kids have a positive experience at my show, and as a result I have structured the show to engage as many kids as possible.  I talk to the kids and build a rapport with them from the moment I arrive. The special part of the show where your child assists me on stage happens at the end of the event. The reason for that is this: the shy child can watch several other kids go up on stage with me, laughing and having fun. The child who is shy sees this and understands that it is a safe situation to engage in.